The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History & ICOM Israel hosting:

November 5-8, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, ISRAEL
The major natural history collections of the Land of Israel are housed at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv universities. These collections document the natural heritage legacy of our region during the past hundred years, the fossil record in the Levant, and the development and history of humankind and its environment in the Middle East.

In November 2018, ICOM Israel and the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv University, will host the ICOM NATHIST 2018 conference and annual meeting.

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History has been inaugurated in 2017 as the national-level institution to portray and promote awareness of the natural heritage of Israel and adjacent regions.
The motto of the 2018 conference will be: Natural History museums in time and place. Topics of discussion will cover the best curatorial practices in museum collections and new research technics, emerging fields such as biomimicry, and new education and entertainment approaches to increase engagement with our target audiences.

Conference Highlights: 
  • Keynote speakers
  • Stimulating presentations
  • Exploring the brand new Steinhardt Museum of Natural History
  • Local trips of interest and a visit to Jerusalem
  • Post-conference tour to the Dead Sea area